Four Day & Longer
Canoe & Kayak Trips

  • Bog River Flow/Lows Lake

    1-5 Days and 1 Portage – Beautiful non- motor boat wilderness area with gentle river, quiet ponds and a large island studded lake. From scenic overlooks to remote ponds with plentiful bird life, several hiking options and nice primitive campsites along the way, a great place to spend time and explore. Good fishing. 6-25 miles. Look at Route


    3-4 Days and 1 Portage – A classic lake and flat water scenic river trip. Part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, this trip follows a historic Adirondack canoe route that was frequently used by early guides and Natives alike. Optional hiking up the remote Cold River Valley. This trip travels through beautiful country. Fish and swim along the way, scenic Raquette Falls. A great 50 mile route. 40-50 miles. Look at Route

  • Blue Mtn Lake to Tupper Lake or St. Regis Canoe Area

    5-7 Days and 8-9 Portages – A classic trip. A combination of lake, river, and pond travel. Mountain scenes, hikes and good fishing. Makes for a great multi-day trip. 70+ miles Look at Route

  • Bog River-Oswegatchie River Traverse

    3-7 Days and 4 Portages – Begins just South of Tupper Lake on the Bog River at Lows lower dam, enters Lows Lake, 1 mile portage to Deer pond then a 2.4 mile carry to the Upper Oswegatchie River. This is the Five Ponds Wilderness Area with several hiking options. Two or more days down the river to take out at Inlet. This is a beautiful remote area well worth the effort. 35-40 miles Look at Route

  • St. Regis Canoe Area/ Nine Carries

    1-4 Days and 9 Carries – Classic wilderness trip in a beautiful non-motor boat area. Occasional beaches with sandy swim spots, great fishing and camping. Optional hike up Long Pond Mountain. Strenuous area with several portages of varying difficulty rewarded with a greater sense of the remote. 13-18 miles Look at Route

  • St Regis Ponds Area

    1-5 Days and 10-14 Portages – The numerous ponds each one having its distinctive character are remote and prohibit the use of motorized vehicles. How deep into this area you travel is limited only by how far you are willing to portage your boat. Whether it is one portage or five, this area doesn’t disappoint. Look at Route

  • St. Regis Canoe Area to Tupper Lake

    2-4 Days and 1 Portage – A combination of lakes, ponds, river and stream travel through beautiful scenic waterways. Optional side trip to Raquette Falls. 35+ miles. Look at Route

  • Oswegatchie River (East Branch)

    2-4 Days – A small remote wilderness stream trip up to beautiful High Falls with optional hikes into the Five Ponds Wilderness Area. Return via the same route. No motorized vehicles. 2 optional portages although occasional carries over beaver dams should be expected. Wildlife in this remote area include beaver, muskrats, numerous boreal birds, deer and even moose. Look at Route

  • Little Tupper Lake to Lake Lila Traverse

    2-4 Days and 5 portages – A very challenging route with carrys not fully established but flagged. You need good route finding skills in this remote motor-less wilderness trip but worth the effort. 18-22 miles. Look at Route

  • Lake Lila to Lows Lake Lower Dam Traverse

    2-4 days, 4 portages. A very challenging but beautiful wilderness route with rough carry trails not fully established. You need good route finding skills for this wilderness traverse.

  • The Saranac Lakes

    2-5 Days and 1-2 Portages – Great camps, mountain scenes, island studded lakes, sandy beaches and mountain hikes, a set of locks between middle and lower Saranac. Designated/fee campsites. 20-30 miles. Look at Route

  • Cranberry Lake

    3-7 Days and No Portages – A large beautiful lake with 55 miles of shoreline, 46 designated campsites and/or the DEC maintains a public campground and day-use area on the lake, which includes a picnic area, a beach, and bathhouses. The Cranberry Lake region is one of the largest remote areas remaining in the state and hiking opportunities into this vast wilderness abound. The third largest lake in the Adirondacks, caution should be taken with winds. Look at Route

  • St. Regis Canoe Area to Lake Kushaqua

    3-4 Days and 8 Portages – A combination of waterways Including Rainbow Lake, St. Regis Lakes and the St. Regis wilderness ponds, ending on Little Clear Pond. Beginning this trip on Little Clear or Upper St. Regis and ending on Kushaqua takes advantage of the prevailing winds. A more challenging trip, while not the most remote area, it provides great introduction to a trip with multiple portages and beautiful mountain views. 20-23 miles. Look at Route

  • Old Forge to Saranac Lakes

    8-10 Days and 10 Portages – This is a popular historic Adirondack lake, river and pond trip. Starts in the Fulton chain of lakes enters the Moose River drainage, follows the Raquette River and ends in the Saranac Lakes or Tupper Lake. Sections can be a busy summer route so plan for late spring or early fall to take advantage of quieter waters if desired. Section 1 & 2 of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. 95 miles Look at Route

  • Whitney Wilderness Loop

    6-7 Days and 17 Carries (some sections of this route include whitewater/carry skills). This is a strenuous route which includes Round Lake, Little Tupper, Lila, Bog Lake, and the Bog River through Lows Lake to Lows Lower Dam Access. It travels through a remote and rugged wilderness area with several unmarked, long and rough Carrys requiring good route finding and portaging skills. Many people shorten this by doing the Little Tupper Lake to Lake Lila route and/or continue on to Lows Lake and Lows Lower Dam to make it a 5-6 day trip.

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