Canoe & Kayak
Day Trips

  • Paddle to The Wild Center

    From our Tupper Lake location and enjoy a day or 1/2 day ( 4 hrs min) exploring the river viewing wildlife then pulling right up to the Wild Center dock for a museum tour and/or lunch. Look at Route

  • Stony Creek Ponds to Axton Landing

    1/2 -1 Day – Small stream, pond, and river travel. Good picnic and swimming spots. Plentiful bird life. No portages. A great beginner trip. Look at Route

  • Axton Landing to Raquette Falls on the Raquette River

    1-2 Days – Scenic river travel. Gentle current. Optional hike. Falls, fine swimming, good fishing, birds, ducks, beaver, otter and deer usually seen along route. Return via the same route. Look at Route

  • Stoney Creek Ponds or Axton Landing to the Crusher(Raquetter River Access Site) via the Raquette River

    1 Day – Pond, river and stream travel. No portages. An easy day trip down the scenic Raquette River. 11-14 miles. Look at Route

  • Bog River Flow/Lows Lake

    1-5 Days and 1 Portage – Beautiful wilderness area with plentiful bird life, several hiking options, nice primitive campsites along the way, a great place to spend time and explore. Look at Route

  • Middle Saranac Lake

    1-3 Day – Small stream, lake and pond travel. Sandy beaches, Island camping, good swimming and fishing. A popular area in July and August. Designated/fee campsites. No portages. Look at Route

  • Lake Lila

    1-3 Days and 1 Portage – A primitive area prohibiting the use of motorized vehicles. Large white pines, natural sandy beaches and island camping. Wildlife in abundance. Look at Route

  • Fish Creek Ponds Loop

    1-2 Days and 4 Portages – A popular loop exploring 7 ponds and a creek. 6-12 miles. Look at Route

  • Paul Smiths through the St. Regis Canoe Area

    1-3 Days and 6 portages – A combination of pond, stream and lake travel and a great hiking option up St. Regis Mt. Known as The “SEVEN CARRIES” route including the 3 St. Regis Lakes. 9-12 miles Look at Route

  • St. Regis Canoe Area/ Nine Carries

    1-4 Days and 9 Carries – Classic wilderness trip in a beautiful non-motor boat area. Great fishing and camping. Optional hike up Long Pond Mountain. Strenuous area with several portages. 13-18 miles Look at Route

  • St Regis Ponds Area

    1-5 Days and 10-14 Portages – The numerous ponds each one having its distinctive character are remote and prohibit the use of motorized vehicles. Look at Route

Route Suggestions &
Trip Planning

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