Rates are per calendar day. Discounts available on weekly rates. Includes paddles, PFD’s and items to transport a boat on your vehicle.

                                                (Delivery and pickup service available )


Canoe, Kayak &
SUP Rentals

For those who prefer to travel the Adirondacks without an escort, Raquette River Outfitters offers a complete outfitting service for your own trip. As natives of the Adirondacks, we have paddled and hiked here all our lives. Our outdoor experience has helped us choose the most practical, reliable and up-to-date equipment for your safety and fun in the outdoors.

We rent Swift, Northstar Canoes, Old Town,and Wenonah ultra-light Kevlar and Royalex canoes;  Swift, Current Design, Necky, Eddyline, Old Town  and Ocean Kayak recreational, touring, sea touring and sit on top kayaks; Bic, Odyssey and Boardworks Stand Up Paddle board; Adirondack-Guideboat Kevlar guideboats and a full line of Adirondack camping and paddling equipment. Our gear always comes to you in excellent condition, clean and dependable. Low prices and quality gear make RRO rentals unbeatable.


Let us help you pick and plan your canoe route. Detailed route descriptions, interesting facts about the area, suggested Adirondack fishing and camping sites. Call (518) 359-3228 or email for specific route information.


Guided trips are available upon request.  We take care of all the details! Please call (518) 359-3228 for information.


We can deliver your boats at the put in and move your vehicle (shuttle waiver form) to the take out, or arrange a shuttle. Saving you time to get on the water faster is our goal.


If you plan on utilizing our services, please review our waiver and release of liability forms. You can read our adult waiver form here. You can read our child waiver form here. Kindly print, sign and send the appropriate forms to us or bring them with you when you come.

Prices are per calendar day.

Ultra light Kevlar canoe tandem ~42lbs

Ultra light Kevlar canoe 3 – 4 person $80.00 – $100.00
Solo Kevlar Canoe (bench style seat) $60.00

Solo Pack Canoe ( light weight sit on bottom, double blade use) Wee-lassie- Swift

Solo Pack  Canoe  IXP layup



Royalex Canoe tandem ~64lbs


Royalex Canoe three person $65.00
Solo Royalex Canoe $45.00
Sea Touring Kayak (rudder and two hatches)  $45.00
Touring Kayak (no rudder) $45.00
Sportsman Fishing Kayaks $65.00
Tandem Sea Touring Kayak w/rudder $60.00

Tandem Recreational Kayak


Light Weight Performance Kayak $60.00

Stand Up Paddle Board (Nalu-Tao Fit)

Kevlar Guideboat

$35.00 – $45.00


Stove with 1 fuel canister $7.00
Cook Sets (per person) $5.00

Waterproof Portage Pack 110 Liters & 30 Liter/60 Liter Barrels


Small Dry bags $4.00
 Water Filter $10.00
Bear Canisters $4.00
Shuttle Service Priced accordingly
Sleeping Bag $6.00
Sleeping Pads (foam – therma-rest) $3.00 – $5.00
Super Seat Canoe Back Rest $4.00
Tent (2-5 person) $15.00
Tarp $8.00

Portage Wheels


Camping Guidelines

Please help keep the Adirondacks clean and beautiful by following a few simple guidelines. Since a lot of people pass through the Adirondacks each summer it is vital to preservation of the woods and water that you do take care. Please follow the “Leave No Trace” ethic.

Need a camping checklist “Click Here”

  • The use of designated sites is always preferred on state lands. In areas where dispersed camping is permitted and necessary, set up camp at least 150 feet (70 adult paces) from any trail, shoreline, road, stream, spring, lake or pond; and under 3500 feet in elevation.
  • Camping permits are required for parties with eight or more people, and/or any party remaining in the same site for more than 3 nights. There are different regulations for many regions; it is best to call the regional offices or us for specifics. Their phone numbers are: region 6 in Ray Brook (518) 897-1300, region 5 in Canton (315) 265-3090. You are responsible for obtaining your own camping permit (free). It is best to do this as early as possible.
  • Use dead and down wood for fires. Campfires should be contained in established fire rings. Do not cut down live trees or branches! We recommend using camping stove for cooking to reduce impact on campsite. It is unlawful to leave a fire unattended. To be sure your fire is out drown it with water until cool to touch.
  • If no outhouse is provided at camp, it is essential to properly dispose of human waste. When treated properly the waste will decompose, with improper treatment disease-causing organisms will be spread into waterways and cause extensive health problems. If the party is small individual cat holes can be dug 150 feet from water or trail. Dig 6 inches deep in a dry well drained area. A latrine should be dug for larger groups not deeper than 17 inches, and 1 foot wide. Toilet paper should be burned or carried out.
  • If you carry it in carry it out! This includes all food and trash. Do not bury food or trash. The next party appreciates a clean campsite. Leave your camping area cleaner than you found it.
  • Do not use soap or shampoo in the water, this includes organic soaps! It takes at least three weeks for it to decompose if at all.
  • Wash dishes and yourself away from water or trail 150 feet and dispose of dirty dishwater as you would of your own body wastes.
  • Please respect the woods, animals and the plants that live here. Do not pick any flowers or disturb wildlife.
  • For your protection hang your food at least 10′ high suspended between two trees or use a bear resistant canister.
  • The parasite Giardia is found in our water. Drinking water should be treated by filtering, boiling or chemical method such as iodine or tablets.

We suggest you visit the following web sites prior to your trip.

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